Quick update

It’s been getting difficult to write these last couple of days due to record-approaching cold temperatures getting in the way (living in a trailer that’s barely sealed for winter does little to aid with the cold), however I thought I’d give people a heads-up just to let them know I haven’t abandoned them.  I am nearly finished with my map of the region of the world that the Companions takes place in, and as soon as that is finished I will be posting a proper Lore post regarding the realm of Aredain as well as various other minor snippets along the way.

However due to what all has been going on I need to push my deadline back a couple of days.  I recently had to scrap the chapter I was working on (didn’t like the way I had structured it) so I’m having to start it over from scratch, and I haven’t had time to go back and edit either the prologue or the first chapter yet.  Instead of January 14th I will start posting the prologue and first chapter by Tuesday, January 17th.

That’s all I wanted to mention for now.  Stay tuned, I should have the lore stuff set up and posted soon.



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