Update – Temporary hiatus

Gonna level with you guys, I’m a little upset that I haven’t been posting lately.  Normally I’d attribute it to laziness, lack of desire for the world or for what I’m writing, or just letting stuff get in the way.  This time though I’ve had a legit excuse and I have been hating every moment of it.

In the last couple of update blogs I’ve done I have mentioned that I have been having health issues.  Most of it is my fault; I can determine that all of this happened thanks to a toasted sandwich with one slice of cheese too many slathered on it.  The sandwich was delicious, but the month and a half nightmare that’s followed thanks to bad acid reflux and a potential ulcer has not.  It’s affected much of my health and unfortunately a lot of what I’ve been trying to do to make it better has just made it worse.  Thankfully I’m seeing a doctor about it now but it’s taken me way too long to try and get over a hump with a spoon when I needed professional climbing gear.

In any case, this is definitely throwing a wrench in the gears.  I’m pretty much stuck drinking boxed chicken broth (which is gross) and munching on applesauce and unbuttered toast for about a week while my meds do their magic.  However the meds are definitely working (lessening my stomachache immensely) so I’m looking forward to feeling better.  Until then though I’m putting all my writing projects on hold.  Hopefully by February things will get good enough that I can get back to writing things again.

Until then, keep warm everybody (or keep cool if you live south of the equator).  Until next time, me out!



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