Blog – Hiatus (hopefully) over

I’m back, hopefully the hiatus has come to its end for now.  I’m still recovering from my stomach issues but thanks to the medication I’ve been taking I’ve been feeling much better.  I’ve also managed to get myself back on track with writing and worldbuilding for Altherys, which is always a positive.  I was more than a bit concerned that I wouldn’t get the umph I needed to get back in gear and would let it stay in limbo for another few months.  That’s never fun when you were just neck-deep in development literally just a month prior.

On that note, things are going to be a bit Dwarf themed for a little bit.  I figured that it’s been too long since my previous race post, and what better way to follow up a post about elves than one about dwarves?  It might be a step in the right direction, considering that I’m going to have a hard time making maps with Inkarnate since the program has updated.  I may want to consider making a paper or digital map for Shalefort so that I can get the old one replaced.

In any case, I hope you all had a great weekend, I’m gonna get some sleep.  There will be more lore posts tomorrow, and perhaps some updates regarding what I plan to do with any serial fiction or short stories in this world.  No promises yet, I don’t want to jinx things for myself, but I’m hoping that as I recover the drive necessary to get me writing a proper story will build back up.  Until then, me out!



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