This site’s purpose is to provide readers who are interested a peek into the world of Matyr (specifically on the continent of Altherys), a high fantasy world inspired by many of the great high fantasy worlds of both written word and gameplay, such as the Elder Scrolls’ Tamriel, Dragon Age’s Thedas, Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth, and so on.  Its purpose is to create a high fantasy world with better writing and structure than many of its contemporaries.  Occasionally it also serves as a blog where I (KerianH) can babble or highlight existing works of fantasy fiction and why they are fantastic, or to discuss how lesser (but more popular) works such as D&D novels get things right or wrong.  This can range anywhere from actual written word to games and television; there’s a lot to discuss and I hope you will care to read.

But the main purpose, of course, is to provide a place where written serial fiction that takes place in the world of Matyr can be read by you, visitor to this page.  I am in the midst, even now, of writing a serial Web Novel/Novella that I will eventually post on this website, and once posted a new chapter will be updated every week or two as I progress through the story.

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