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This is where you will occasionally find me write about the progress of my web serials, occasional updates regarding the world, and every now and then reviews and discussions/articles regarding fantasy and science fiction.  I may also discuss some important details and opinions I have regarding that greatest of hobbies known as Worldbuilding, and will occasionally post links to various sites dedicated to that often overlooked art.

Everything will be put into various categories for easy searching; reviews, lore discussion, updates to the serials, etc.

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The Church of the Firstborn

The “New Gods”

About the Gods – Aspects


The Nursery of the Gods

Legends – The Throne of Bronze


The Realm of Aredain

Aredain – The Free Cities

The Free Cities – Shalefort


The Five Races

Races of Altherys – The Elves

Races of Altherys – The Dwarves