Matyr is the name of the planet that is the main setting for a fantasy world of my own creation.  It is a world that follows some of the principles one would expect in a D&D-like setting, but with (hopefully) better writing and structure, one that isn’t completely bogged down by countless unnecessary races and villains all vying for total domination and accomplishing little in their quest.  While it is a world of many races, the ones of particular importance are divided into five groups; Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Beastfolk, and of course Humans.

If you’ve come to this site, either stumbled upon it by accident or through some link provided by me or an interested party, then you’ve come across the home for various works, be it lore posts, blog entries by the author (myself), and/or, more importantly, the web serial(s) I will be posting here.  You are in for a treat if you like fantasy; you are in for a special treat if you are among the few remaining who still like Elves and Dwarves as much as I do in an era of fantasy where both are cast out in favor of noble houses, promised princes, and pointy chairs.  I hope that you manage to find some small modicum of entertainment in this site; it’ll be entertaining for me at least to see how this ends up.

Welcome to Altherys.  May your life always lead to adventure!


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This site’s purpose is to provide readers who are interested a peek into the world of Matyr (specifically on the continent of Altherys), a high fantasy world inspired by many of the great high fantasy worlds of both written word and gameplay, such as the Elder Scrolls’ Tamriel, Dragon Age’s Thedas, Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth, and so on.  Its purpose is to create a high fantasy world with better writing and structure than many of its contemporaries.  Occasionally it also serves as a blog where I (KerianH) can babble or highlight existing works of fantasy fiction and why they are fantastic, or to discuss how lesser (but more popular) works such as D&D novels get things right or wrong.  This can range anywhere from actual written word to games and television; there’s a lot to discuss and I hope you will care to read.

But the main purpose, of course, is to provide a place where written serial fiction that takes place in the world of Matyr can be read by you, visitor to this page.  I am in the midst, even now, of writing a serial Web Novel/Novella that I will eventually post on this website, and once posted a new chapter will be updated every week or two as I progress through the story.

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What is Altherys?

Altherys is a fairly large continent found within the middle of the world of Matyr, one roughly about as large as North America.  To the east it is bordered by the Sunlit Sea, while to the west it is bordered by the Sea of Tyrenmor.  It is a continent large enough that vast tundras of ice and snow exist on the same landmass as hot, humid swamps akin to the Florida Everglades.  It is a continent where civilizations have existed for tens of thousands of years, yet despite that the continent’s entirety isn’t even completely mapped, as much of what existed once before has been lost to the ages, and many places remain unexplored.

It is the main setting for the stories, serials, and other media written for this particular world, though it isn’t the only continent that exists (or has existed) on Matyr.  As you read lore posts regarding the various races, cultures, and important events of the world, you’ll start to read more about Altherys’s neighbors.  South is rumored to be the jungle/rainforest realm known as the Undying Lands, former home of the ancestors of the Elves who now call Altherys their home, and once connected to the continent by a land bridge now long broken.  To the west lies what’s left (presumably) of Tyrenmor, the ancient homeland of mankind that was said to have sunk beneath the waves due to a nameless calamity.  To the east lies the Unknown East, or the Jade East as some call it, which is the native homeland of the silk and jade traders who have settled along the Kaframil Desert to make trade with the curious westerners.

Though much of Altherys, especially its center, remains largely unexplored, its coastlines and islands have been mapped out around almost all of the continent.  Almost.  The only places left to map of Altherys are its frozen north near the World’s End Mountains, as the peaks meet the waves of the sea with no coastline and the Eternal Ice surrounding it is so treacherous that no ship can sail it.  Its inhabited regions are divided into Realms, each unique due to the types of nations that call it home, the type of biomes that exist there, or because of its connection to an important event or racial majority.

Speaking of races, Altherys has a lot of them…technically.  If one was to include every subrace, subculture, and minority that exists in Altherys there would be likely just as many as one could encounter in the Forgotten Realms.  However the civilized races that have any semblance of sapient intelligence can be divided into five categories; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and Beastfolk.  While there are technically others, such as Giants, these are too scattered, uncivilized, or unintelligent to qualify as part of the greater racial whole and are instead included in the world’s bestiary.

Altherys also has many gods, languages, cultures, and stories to be told.  But to list them all will take a while; certainly longer than an introductory page.  Of course, that’s part of the point of this site.  Hopefully as time goes on you will get a chance to see all of it, from the distant cold lands of Fryslon and the Isles of Redd to the swampy muck of the Everbog and the scattered remnants of the Fracture.

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If you’d like to contact me or wish to review my web serial/stories, or wish to suggest something for me to look at and discuss on my blog, use the form below.  I should respond sometime soon unless I’m otherwise bogged down by work/life/writing.